T slot cutter feeds and speeds

15 T-Slot Cutter T-Slot Cutters: Used for milling T-slots in machine tool tables, indexing tables, and other work holding surfaces and products.
Also known as corner radius end mills, they work well for making molds.20 Straight-Tooth Milling Cutter Straight-Tooth Milling Cutters: Cutters are thinner, have more teeth, and leave a finer finish than staggered-tooth cutters.Use to mill cast iron, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, and titanium.Slitting Cutter Slitting Cutters: These cutters do not have side teeth which make them a good choice for thin slitting and slotting jobs.Then, the arrows show that you want to go to the right when cutting a harder material and cut to the left to take off more chips.End mills are used in milling applications such as profile milling, tracer milling, face milling, and plunging.14 Narrow width keyseat Narrow-Width uk online poker sites Keyseat Cutters: Used for cutting narrow Woodruff keyseats.

Working temperature is 750.21 Large-Diameter Replaceable Carbide-Insert Face Milling Cutter Large-Diameter Replaceable Carbide-Insert Face Milling Cutters: These cutters remove metal 2-5 times faster than comparable high-speed steel face mills as shown above.25 Mill cutting speed and feeds Mill Speeds: Tool/Step Description shows speed for materials As shown, the speed increase as the material becomes softer.Working temperature is 1470.Titanium Carbonitride Extra-life TiCN (titanium carbonitride) coating has better wear resistance than TiN coating, making it a good choice for tough-to-machine materials such as ductile cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.10, corner Ronding End Mill Corner Rounding End Mill: Round off sharp corners on the edge of your stock 11 Concave Radius End Mill Concave Radius End Mill: Machine rounded, outward-curved edges into your stock 12 Convex Raduis End Mill Convex Radius End Mill: Machine.