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Commutations may also be granted to top us gambling sites allow injured workers to buy a home or pay off a mortgage. .
If you are thinking about requesting a commutation, you should consider the impact the commutation will have on your monthly payment from WorkSafeBC. .You can request a commutation application package from the Disability Awards Department at (toll free) or (in the Lower Mainland). .Additionally, WorkSafeBC will not grant a commutation for investment purposes, because WorkSafeBC already invests money for you, to finance your permanent disability award and retirement benefit.Consequently, George was able to make a new request that would be considered on the merits.We carefully reviewed the policies regarding commutation of pensions and noted that the policies in question were amended about nine years ago so that people like George, who were asking for a lump sum of their monthly pensions, no longer had their applications refused outright.WorkSafeBC is unlikely to grant your request if: you do not give a reason for requesting the commutation; you cannot show how the commutation will improve your income; you have no other stable income; and/or.The Loss of Earnings method applies only in exceptional cases where it is determined that the Loss of Function method does not provide appropriate compensation."This type of decision denying the obvious causes immense hardship for injured workers and their families; it effectively shifts the burden of proof onto them, while taking away any financial, medical or moral support that the Board could offer.".WorkSafeBC believes you are not a good financial manager, or cannot properly run your own affairs.In order to successfully apply for a commutation, you will need to show that the payment of a lump sum will improve your chances of a secure income over the long-term.However, the present value of money received as a lump sum is always smaller than the value of money paid out over time as an income stream. .It does not normally commute the monthly payments to finance vehicles, household items, rental property or to assist with financial emergencies.
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The maximum award the worker can receive is 100 of the total disability.George came to us because he thought it was unfair that his application for a lump payment was not considered on its merits.Monthly pension benefits are protected by law against creditors. .But WorkSafeBC's own documents do substantiate Peeters' cognitive problems.After completing the form, you will need to mail the information or send by fax to WorkSafeBC.They may have expected to be paid a lump sum equal to the sum of all their future monthly pension payments to the date of the expected pension termination. ."This is frontline adjudication at its worst says Janet Patterson, who reviewed the case.A lawyer who specializes in WorkSafeBC cases says while Peeters' injuries are complex, WorkSafeBC often focuses only on evidence that helps avoid compensation for costly injuries.How does WorkSafeBC pay permanent disability awards?A separate team assessment of his brain injury documented his "memory deficits "slow information processing" and "difficulties with organization.".

You need to consider if the benefit from the commutation replace the lost monthly income.
Before asking for a commutation for education, you should ensure that you cannot get funding for education and retraining through WorkSafeBCs Vocational Rehabilitation Department.
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