When the game stands tall commitment cards

when the game stands tall commitment cards

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Perfect Effort.
The story of Coach Lad and the Concord, California, De huntington bonus offer La Salle Spartans is one of the greatest leadership stories ever told because it gets to the heart of building a winning team in sports and in business.Neil Hayes told me about the moment he realized that Coach Lads story had to be told.Little Things Done Well Make A Big Difference.Not die he says.wHEN THE game stands tall 2 stars, out of 5, snapshot : A New Orleans-shot sports drama based on the true story of California's De La Salle High School football team and its record-breaking 151-game winning streak.

There was clearly something very special and miraculous going on with this guy Bob Ladouceur, says Zelon.It's not helped by an often-flat performance from Caviezel.Michael Chiklis as his assistant coach and many of the other supporting performances.).Every Team Member Has Something To Add And Plays A Critical Role. Let your lives do that.This movie chronicles the De La Salle Spartans high school football team and their head coach Bob Ladouceur, played by Jim Caviezel, following their first loss after a 151 game winning streak over 12 years.Love makes you can cant on me in good times and bad. . Teaching the kids theres more to life, thats hard.we're parachuted into Ladoucer's world.

Former player Cam Colvin Once again, this is just an amazing movie.
Former Spartan Cam Colvin had lost both of his parents by his junior season.
I spent a year with Coach Lad and I never heard him use the word win, author Neil Hayes told.