Year end bonus thank you note

year end bonus thank you note

Thank you for sharing my input and value with your division prizes saturday lotto boss as I am aware that she makes the texas holdem spel woodbine casino events final decision regarding the bonus payouts.
Thanks for making me feel like an outcast.Its exciting that our team was ranked the highest in the company and that was reflected in our bonus!I am thankful for the profit sharing program.Thank you for being you.Only include a cat thank you meme (or other meme if you know it will be well received by your boss, otherwise don't risk.Depending on your boss, you may want to include a cute thank you meme, if you are sending an email thank you.Thank you for all the lessons Boss!

You will always be my guiding star throughout my career.Thank you for the raise.You are not just a leader to me but you are also an inspiration.This is a good general practice as it allows the recipient of the note to easily reference when the note was received and ascertain what the note may have been for if she comes across the note in the future.Example messages for the center section of your thank-you note: I want to thank you for this year's raise.Or Mrs., depending on the way in which you usually address your employer.We are aware that bosses can sometimes get on your nerve, but rest assured that they have their own soft centres as well.Remember that our salaries are the amount we agree to work for when we decide to work for a company.Thank you for your constant encouragement.You stood by me and motivated each day to be the best and now you have surprised me with a salary increase.
#11 The way you lead the team is brilliant.
Do not go over the top or exaggerate.